Header image for A Glowing Testimonial From Tesco For Helping To Achieve The Impossible

A Glowing Testimonial From Tesco For Helping To Achieve The Impossible

Posted By Malcolm Hollingsworth on May 7th 2015

Mobile App Developers To The Rescue

We love doing what we do and we really get a kick out of creating new things, improving old things and getting our hands dirty in code.  The only thing we seek, is the satisfaction of those who have asked for our help.

Sometimes however we are given more - this time in the form of a very glowing and complementary testimonial from a client I can honestly say we loved working with.  When I say glowing; read on to see just how kind the words actually are;

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Our 13th Birthday

Posted By Malcolm Hollingsworth on Apr 30th 2015

We are currently celebrating our 13th birthday.

It seems like just yesterday that the company that became known as Core 13 was formed.  Started with a single goal of using available and emerging technology with helpings of automation in order to create solutions that are so easy to use by anyone but very powerful behind the scenes.

We started with Email Marketing before the market sector had barely formed a name to explain what we were actually doing.  We extended into website design and user experience before there was a term describing what we achieved for our clients. We then designed and developed our own website CMS (content management system) which has made running and maintaining websites so easy, that even a novice picks it up in mere minutes.

Back in 2010 we introduced mobile app development services and have worked on so many great projects; large and small, that we now have most of the common problems solved.  We now use all three of these skill sets (mobile, web and email) to provide solutions that many much larger companies cannot achieve - we love what we do and it can be seen in our work.

So thank you to you all who have allowed us to get this far and to those who will help us drive towards another great 13 years.

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