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Tesco Health and Wellbeing - Consultancy

Posted By Malcolm Hollingsworth on Jun 13th 2014

We have been lucky enough to have worked on the Tesco Health and Wellbeing app. Tesco Ireland already has a great team of developers who had already completed much of the work when we first become involved with them.

How we were first asked to provide consultancy

The mobile app was an extension of the already successful website of the same name. With what would become the imminently available Tesco Hudl tablet following the launch announcement - the push for a simultaneous iPhone and Android launch become a priority.

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Defence Discount Mobile Apps

Posted By Malcolm Hollingsworth on May 29th 2014

The Defence Discount Service is the only official Ministry of Defence discount provider for the Armed Forces and Veterans. The new official Defence Discounts Application allows members to get discounts on the go both on-line and on the high street. 

Core 13 were asked to create an app for this very high profile service.  The app needed to provide the same amount of information as the web based version does but formatted and accessed in a way that mobile users can truly take advantage of it when they are actively mobile.

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