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We tweaked our phone number to 0345 166 2426

Posted By Malcolm Hollingsworth on Jan 13th 2015

We now have an 0345 phone number, the 0845 phone number still works but we will be only promoting the 0345 number going forwards.

Why have we made this change?

  • It costs you less to call it
  • If you have a land-line or mobile plan - the call is usually covered by the plan
  • 03 prefixed numbers are considered the same as 01 or 02 prefixed numbers

Why did we have a 0845 number up until now

Like 0345 prefixed numbers, 0845 numbers are national rather than regional.  This means our location can change but without having to change the phone number you call.  The same is true if the telephone numbering system changes we can still keep the same number.

0845 numbers cost the same as local call numbers - which was great.  However; call plans did not exist when we first starting using it - so it made perfect sense for those who call us.  With the 0345 prefix becoming the suggested way for businesses with a national presence - we have chosen to change.

When should you start using the 0345 number

Right now please.  The older 0845 prefix will continue but swapping to the 0345 prefix costs you a lot less, especially from mobiles.

So what is the new number

We only changed the 8 to a 3, so you now call 0345 166 2426 small change – big difference.

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