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A Glowing Testimonial From Tesco For Helping To Achieve The Impossible

Posted By Malcolm Hollingsworth on May 7th 2015

Mobile App Developers To The Rescue

We love doing what we do and we really get a kick out of creating new things, improving old things and getting our hands dirty in code.  The only thing we seek, is the satisfaction of those who have asked for our help.

Sometimes however we are given more - this time in the form of a very glowing and complementary testimonial from a client I can honestly say we loved working with.  When I say glowing; read on to see just how kind the words actually are;

We sought the assistance of "Core 13" when we faced the impossible task of having to deliver an Android version of our iOS App in a month having spent almost a year on just the iOS app.

The pressure was due to a last minute business policy change.  We were now required to launch both an iOS and Android app for our key January trading period.

The imminent launch of the Tesco HUDL tablet meant the lack of and Android equivalent of our app especially noticeable on many levels.

We needed a miracle and so we went straight to Malcolm Hollingsworth and the Team at Core 13, who we felt were the leading industry experts on mobile app development who also were skilled in the platform we had chosen; Appcelerator Titanium.

Despite the short notice and other complications; Malcolm and his team gave their commitment to us and our project and together we achieved the impossible, we hit our deadline and delivered the Tesco Health and Well-being Android App in addition to our iOS version to rave reviews.

We were so impressed with Core 13's ability to lead co-develop and at the same time, up-skill our team, that we returned to them months later to help re-engineer elements of the iOS and Android offerings. In this second phase, they helped us to make our Apps more robust and scalable so as to support future growth and allowed us to deliver huge improvements to performance and stability, just when we needed it the most due to growth and finally, the training which they have provided to our team during all of this, has been invaluable.

I can honestly say that we wouldn't be where we are today without the critical intervention and support of Malcolm and his team. They were hands on and guiding when needed, flexible, easy to work with and had a passion and commitment that I think you rarely feel as a customer in this space and so, we certainly hope to work with Malcolm and the team again in the future.

Denis Finnegan
Tesco Health and Wellbeing