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Defence Discount Mobile Apps

Posted By Malcolm Hollingsworth on May 29th 2014

The Defence Discount Service is the only official Ministry of Defence discount provider for the Armed Forces and Veterans. The new official Defence Discounts Application allows members to get discounts on the go both on-line and on the high street. 

Core 13 were asked to create an app for this very high profile service.  The app needed to provide the same amount of information as the web based version does but formatted and accessed in a way that mobile users can truly take advantage of it when they are actively mobile.


The app had to maintain the stringent security rules imposed by the Ministry of Defence. These rules are defined in order to project the identities of the users given their role in protecting our nation.

The app is a closed community and requires login access. This additional level of access is because the benefits offered are only to those who can prove their legitimacy.


Due to the security rules and the previous focus on web access meant that we had to work very closely with the client "Blue Light Card" to create an API model that allowed just the right amount of data to be passed at the right time. The app also had to disassociate any personally attributable data from the user of the app.

The Android community is a vocal group, this proved an early issue where their lack of forgiveness for not having support for every single one of the 3,000 and more devices was very loud.  This led the initial app to have a rating of 1.7. However as the users came to find, we worked our way through the devices and made sure that the app could deliver as much as it could on as many devices as it could. The app is now very close to a full 5 stars currently at 4.7.

Going Forwards

With the community evolving and such a significant number of members and active users the app itself is adapting and being enhanced to take advantage of each generation of mobile device and new version of iOS and Android.

The app will soon be enjoying many of our behind the scenes testing of new features - more on those in a future article.

Core 13 created our app which contains so many features yet oozes simplicity in how it works; something rarely found in the app store.
Tom Dalby

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