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iBeacons and the Future of Location Marketing

Posted By Malcolm Hollingsworth on Sep 9th 2014

Beacons are a brand new way of providing location information inside rather than outside.

The technology is based on Bluetooth and allows your app to determine locations, what you do with this information is entirely up to the needs of the customer and your app.

So what are we doing now

Right now we are playing around with the technology and seeing what we can do to add value to our clients.

You may already know that Beacons can be used to show the customer where something is in a store, give directions from where you are to where you need to be.  They can also be used to trigger events and actions when someone walks past one and even to deliver special offers.

However we are looking into what else can be done - we already have some cool ideas and are already trialling them with some select clients.  We are really excited by what we can do and what we are developing.

The Future is Bright the Future is Beacons

Being serious for a moment - adding Beacons to an app will let you company and your app deliver true value to your customers.