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Posted By Malcolm Hollingsworth on Feb 18th 2015

We have been lucky enough to have worked with John Higginson twice now.  What he creates is artwork, he will tell you it is photography, but the man is a genius.

Higginson New Website Example

The first John Higginson website

A few years ago John asked us to help him build a website that would showcase his professional photography.  John had exacting standards, not a surprise for his career, but we produced a site he loved.

Higginson Original Website Example Screenshots

The John Higginson website to rule them all

With the new website John had a bigger set of goals.  Where the original site focussed solely on the photography - the new site needed more.  Much more time will be focussed on the videography, commissioned work and the social side of the industry.

We took the time to make sure that all audiences are included - this of course meant a responsive design so that phones, tablets and desktops can all enjoy the new website.

Higginson New Website 2nd Example

The new website will allow John to showcase his work even more professionally 

It's a great web site Malcolm, really clean but super sophisticated .. That takes skill.
John Higginson