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VAT Calculator iPhone App

Posted By Malcolm Hollingsworth on Dec 31st 2014

Another of our internal projects is the Redundancy Calculator App.

Being able to calculate VAT and then add or remove it has always posed problems for many people.  More than a simple VAT calculator "VAT Calc" knows and calculates the VAT rates of every European market country with each of their specific VAT bands.

Version 2.0

The latest version is a totally new and fully redeveloped app.  Changing countries and selecting rates is now even easier and having the VAT element added to or subtracted from the value you enter, is just a single click.

With the rules on Business to Consumers VAT recording having changed at the start of 2015 - all Euro sales have to be recorded against the country of the purchasers and that countries VAT has to be charged.  With VAT Calc you can do this very simply.

With much of the text displayed in 24 different languages - one for each country recognised language is will be easy for all Euro members to take advantage of this app.

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