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We have a new company name, Core 13

Posted By Malcolm Hollingsworth on Mar 22nd 2010

When we were first formed our company name was eShotz Ltd - perfect for our chosen core business of email marketing.

As of now we are now called Core 13 Ltd.

So why have we changed our name?  Simple, we have changed or at least evolved our business direction.  The good news is that we still provide email marketing services but as we have been providing website design and development services for many years and the move towards mobile phone development - we needed a change to reflect that.

What else has changed - nothing related to our; legal entity, status, ownership, location and quality of work all remain the same as they ever have.

What does this mean going forward?  Our focus on mobile app design and development will increase at a much faster rate as we see this as a exploding market we wish to be at the forefront.

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