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Why is the number 13 in our company name?

Posted By Malcolm Hollingsworth on Mar 22nd 2010

This is a personal post to explain why 13 appears in our new company name.  This is because of me (Malcolm Hollingsworth) I am the owner of this company and the number 13 has a number of associations to me directly.

In order to explain what I mean I have compiled a list of containing just a few of these associations.  So here goes;

  • Both the first and last letters of my first name; Malcolm are the 13th letters of the alphabet
  • My last name; Hollingsworth contains exactly 13 letters
  • I was born on the 13th of February
  • The Scrabble word score for "Malcolm" is 13
  • It is also almost universally considered lucky or at least good, and has only been considered unlucky due to recent history of movie title and pop-culture.

Due to these reasons (and more) the number 13 has become both my favourite and a lucky number for both myself and my company.

It does not end there however

Whilst 13 is my favourite number my second favourite is known as Belphegor's Prime.  This is the actual number;


I know what you might be thinking "most people do not have a favourite number containing more than 30 digits".  However I love this number for the following reasons;

  • It is actually a prime number; a very long prime number
  • It contains 31 digits - which written backwards is 13
  • It contains 2 sets of 13 zeros
  • It has 666 right in the middle
  • Starts and ends with the same digit; like both my names
  • It is also a palindrome; primes that achieve this are rare
  • Despite having 31 digits - it only has three different numbers; 0, 1 & 6

So I think you are getting the idea, I am a little weird but at least there are reasons to back up the favouritism.  So this is a good place to stop as admitting more is a little bit sad and a whole lot geeky.