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This product has been discontinued. Please read our discontinuation notice for more information. We do have one left if you would like to get the very last model off the production line.

Totem Display Stand

The Core 13: Totem has been designed to deliver the right combination of static and dynamic branding elements. The Core 13: Totem provides a large graphic panel capable of displaying company logos, images, web site address and product information, all using your own branding and colour schemes. The large graphic panel can be replaced as often as you wish. The biggest advantage of the Core 13: Totem is the top mounted 19" TFT display that can show slideshows, web sites, flash demos, video and any other dynamic media. The Core 13: Totem is capable of being driven by any computer, which can be placed in the base of the unit.

The Core 13: Totem provides significant benefits over simple static banner stands. By design the dynamic content provided by the 19" TFT display draws attention from people many meters away that would not ordinarily have noticed the important message you wish to convey.

Core 13: Totem is designed to be an impressive marketing tool, with thick 10mm acrylic combined with a shape that provides strength the Core 13: Totem is a robust solution you can use over and over. The Core 13: Totem can be used at events, meetings, your reception area, in fact anywhere you have an audience.

Totem Brochure