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Three example websites; ISS Windows in Internet Explorer, 3C Communications in Firefox and BA Chamberlain in Apple Safari.

Gravitas - Website Content Management Made Easy

What is Gravitas?

Gravitas is the name we give our website content management system (CMS). Gravitas manages all the tools and features required to manage a modern website. These tools include; web content manager, content editor, search engine optimisation (SEO) editor, document management suite, web form tools, dynamic features, access control, Google Analytics and Map options and so much more.

What makes Gravitas so great?

Simply put - Gravitas takes to hard work out of managing your website. It does not expect you to know how websites work, it only asks you to provide the content and supporting files, it works out what needs to be done and how.

Because different audiences require different levels of interaction we have two different versions Gravitas Starter and Gravitas Professional, each one provides the best solution to a particular audience.

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