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Email Marketing - The inexpensive way to market your business

  • Place your message in front of your customers
  • Know who opened your email and which links they clicked
  • Pay only when you send a message - no ongoing fees
  • £8.00 per campaign plus 8p per recipient.

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Three example websites; Beauty Guild in Internet Explorer, Room Sylish Interiors in Firefox and Climate Hire and Sales in Apple Safari.

Websites - Reseller Opportunities

Let us be your secret

We can either provide our website skills co-branded or completely under your branding. Your customers will gain the expertise of our solutions married to your services.

Who can be a reseller?

If you are a responsible company with a happy client base, then you are the sort of company we would look to do business with, we consider our reseller relationships to be long term and jointly rewarding financialy. We are not looking for "get rich quick" companies, we want everyone involved to be happy, so we are choosey with whom we do business.

  • Traditional Print Media Companies
    Providing websites to your clients would be a natural evolution for your company, you have clients who already use your services for their offline marketing, offering websites allows you to leverage the online marketing as well.
  • Graphic Design Agencies
    If you are a talented designer but you do not have the in-house knowledge to provide actual websites with content managers then we can help you to deliver the perfect solution.

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Email Marketing Resellers

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