Website Design and Development


Multi Browser and OS

We create websites that work perfectly on Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera.

Your visitors can choose to use Windows, Apple OSX or Linux, a desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, watch or more.

Your website is always ready for your visitors.


A Responsive Website

Your visitors should always be able to get to the information they need no matter the size or shape of the device they are using.

So we design all of our website so they adapt intelligently depending on which type of device the visitor chose.

This means your website can be experienced by everyone - always.


Design, Layout, Focus

Visitors choose to stay or leave a website in less than a few seconds.

The presentation of your message is a much larger factor in that initial decision than the content of the message itself.

Understanding how website design, and layout affects this decision no matter the device - takes skill. Good web design is more than graphic design - we understand the difference.



The ideal shopping experience is when the visitor is able to simply choose products, make their choices and complete the purchase with the least amount of hurdles.

By understanding where the visitor is in the purchase process we can simplify and optimise each of those stages.

The combination of all of these minor improvements helps to drive sales and increase repeat purchases.


Gravitas CMS

A great website needs a great content management system. You need to be able to update your own website on a regular basis.

We decided that being simple to use and very fast to learn were top of our priority list, as was being very powerful behind the scenes.

We could not find anything that met our strict requirements; so we created our own and we named it Gravitas.

Each website we provide includes Gravitas CMS.


Power without the Complexity

Making things look this easy takes skill.

You would be amazed at just how much goes on behind the scenes to optimise content & increase responsiveness.

We make the effort so you do not have to.



We are proud of what we build so we provide a 12 month warranty on our websites from purchase. We will fix any bugs in the website and Gravitas CMS that are our fault - free of charge.

That is exactly 12 months longer than is required by law.

We also offer support contracts for our websites to meet your needs.